Vintage Trucking Brochures  

Here is a collection of old brouchures relating to the trucking industry. All of the materials on this page are copies of original brochures and not intended to be bought or sold in any form. 

Autocar Conventionals (1950)

Autocar Trucks (1973)

Caterpillar 3208 Engine (1970's)

Chevrolet Trucks (1948)

Chevrolet Trucks (1954)

Chevrolet Titan (1975)

Chevrolet Bison (1980)

Chevrolet Titan (1980)

Detroit Diesel Products (1977)

Diamond Reo Apollo-92 (1973)

Diamond Reo Royale (1970)

Dodge Heavy Duty Trucks (1972)

Dodge Bighorn (1973)

Ford H Series (1961)

Ford CL9000 (1977)

GMC Trucks (1960)

GMC Astro (1972)

GMC Astro and Aero Astro (1984)

GMC Astro and Aero Astro (1984)

Kenworth K100 "Build It" (1969)

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